Atelier Museum

The visit programs for the tourism has been thought like a way to deepen in the techniques and roots of a handcraft that starts in the beginning of the human history and keeps going forward following the styles, ornamentation and tastes of the different civilizations until currently days.

Decorative techniques currently used are still manual, most of them unchanged from its origin, others developed and improved. Through melting all of them emerges real pieces of art.


  • Visit duration: 50 minutes
  • The tour includes:
    • Reception of the group by our restorers and artisans of Secogoldsmith, who will show the various steps in the development of handcrafted products.
    • Conception of the work, the moment of creativity
    • Melting and sand casting
    • Embossing and traditional work processes
    • Construction and assembly of parts
    • At the end, visit to the showroom and sales of decoration products already finished.
    Minimum group of 10 people. Price per person 6€.
    It includes welcome drink and performance of a musical group.
    Minimum group 30 people. Price per person 40€.